How to snag a Chicibeanz Handwoven wrap

So how does one get a Chicibeanz wrap?

Almost all our wraps are sold in our Chicibeanz Handwoven VIP group in facebook. So head over and join that group!

Most of our wraps are sold either by preorder or as finished pieces. To do this, when a new upcoming warp is announced we usually offer a semi custom piece by auction and sometimes by draw this is the preorder. We usually save at least one piece from each warp to be sold once weaving is completed but often there will be a variety of pieces, sizes and even scarves. A form will be posted where you enter for a chance to be drawn for the right to purchase the piece. Draws are a way to keep our sales fair and even.

We sell everything as it's made so we don't actually have any in stock pieces. All sales take place on our Facebook page or in our Facebook chatter group. You can also peek at our FSOT thread there to see if something catches your eye. And if you know what you are looking for then definitely post on the iso thread!

Our website stocks with fun swag, scrap items and will host our yarn of the month subscriptions.